Cara Simpson

Just like Roz I’m a physiotherapist who is passionate about pain prevention. I have written a book called Flamingo PHYSIO which explores simple and functional ways you can do just that DURING your life as you already lead it. Don’t change what you do, simply vary how you are doing it. Did you know standing on one leg (like a flamingo) could help prevent back pain? Try it the next time you brush your teeth!
Each chapter of the book is set in a different room around the house, to show you easy and effective things you can do to prevent body pain whilst in that room. No more back/neck/hip/knee/shoulder pain for you!
Buy the book on my website:
I am also offering educational talks along the same theme of the book. I will visit your office or home or even car, to asses ways in which you or your team can make simple changes to prevent or alleviate aches and pains. Contact me through the website for further information and to book.

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