Initial assessment (approx 1 hour)

This is for anyone with an injury, or pain anywhere in their body, including headaches, pins and needles, post fracture or post op. This will comprise of Roz asking several questions surrounding your problem to ascertain what is going on. Then a physical examination to see the area with specific tests to clarify what might be causing the problem. On some areas of the body it might be relevant for Roz to use diagnostic ultrasound to view certain superficial structures in more detail and how they are functioning.

Finally Roz will be able to give you an explanation of what is happening and advice to improve things. Usually there is time to give out some exercises or ‘things to change’, and some hands on treatment as a start, but then it is advised to return for as many treatment sessions as necessary for you and Roz to work together in rehabilitating the problem back to your full function, with long term effect.

Treatment session (approx 30 mins)

You can only attend a treatment session after you have had an initial assessment by Roz Thomas.

These sessions will be spent reviewing the advice and exercises given in your initial assessment, and progressing or changing them as necessary. Or for Roz to undertake longer periods of massage, mobilisations, taping or other hands on techniques relevant for your specific condition.

Functional Assessment (approx 1 hour)

This is a preventative service to assess your current posture, and advise on how you can function in the best way to avoid problems in the future, or past problems reoccurring.

This will consist of Roz asking several questions about your lifestyle, your job, about any past injuries or past medical history. It might be that you or family members have noticed changes in your posture or in the way you walk or move and you are concerned about. You might have experienced changes in your sleep pattern or fitness that concerns you. Or you might have changed jobs and the physical nature of it, or maybe the sedentary nature concerns you.

Roz will then take a look at your overall posture and consider this with the information you have provided to give you advice on what you can do in order to function and move in the best way possible, to avoid suffering any long term pains or postural changes in the future.

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