Roz is based in the white building on the PETROC campus ‘B’ Block Hair & Beauty.  If you come into the building and take a seat on the chairs just inside the door, Roz will meet you there at your allocated appointment time.  If its your first appointment there might be a registration form on a clipboard on the reception desk.  Feel free to start filling this out.

If you arrive early to your appointment there is also the EXE CAFE on campus  serving drinks and light snacks at very cheap prices!  Or there are drinks machines in the waiting area in ‘B’ Block.

Also on the PETROC campus is the PETROC Fitness Centre, fully equipped free weights room, gym machines and a dance studio, with several classes running.  Only £19/month to join.

Parking at PETROC costs £1 all day, unless there are free spaces in the visitors parking.  There are also disabled parking spaces, and level access to Roz’s treatment room.  There are toilets next to Roz’s room with disabled access.